After a certain number of lots have been sold or after the passage of a specific period of time, a developer tuns the operation of a homeowners’ association over to the community members. A variety of questions arise, perhaps the biggest one being, “What must be accomplished to facilitate HOA transition from developer to homeowners?”

Some common problems that arise within a community HOA include:

  • Repairs and updates to keep common areas in good shape
  • Legal issues and non-compliance
  • Financial setbacks, such as unpaid dues

Fortunately, there is an effective way to tackle these problems. Having a dedicated HOA lawyer to help you with legal troubles will also make things simpler for your HOA team as time goes by. Informed legal opinions can help homeowners associations transition smoothly.

At Maxwell & Morgan, P.C., we can facilitate the transition from developer control of your association to owner control. Our attorneys understand that every case is unique, and therefore deserves undivided attention, no matter its size or complexity. Make the right choice to have the best legal positioning for your HOA. Call us at (480) 833-1001 or visit us at to learn more about how we can help you handle your HOA transition to homeowners.