As a member of an HOA, you have a lot on your plate. Finding a dedicated Phoenix area attorney who understands HOA law legal issues as they apply in the state of Arizona may be among the most difficult of your duties. Fortunately, it is easier to choose an appropriate HOA lawyer for your legal needs when you understand what to look for in a reliable attorney. Here are some qualities to watch out for so you can choose the best HOA attorney Phoenix has to offer.


You want to ensure that your chosen HOA attorney is dedicated to his or her craft. The more focused a lawyer is on their legal areas of expertise, the more likely you are to find him or her to be focused on your case. Being an active member of HOA-related legal associations or participating in speaking events are two signs that an attorney is dedicated to HOA law.


Make sure that the law firms you consider work with attorneys that have a range of related legal experience under their belts. A long history of legal success and transformative roles within the HOA law industry are strong indicators that a law firm’s attorneys know this legal area inside and out. Common areas of law to check for expertise include HOA litigation, HOA collections, an understanding of governing HOA documents in the state, general Arizona HOA counsel, and HOA insurance defense, to name a few.

Technical Savvy

These days, having experience in technological tools of the legal trade is crucial to stay ahead of the game where cases are concerned. Make sure your chosen attorney knows how to use online software and platforms to track cases and legal matters. You also want to ensure that your chosen law group can help you navigate any online tools that you need to utilize as your case evolves.

Client Compassion

Whatever HOA attorney you work with should give your case the time and attention it needs for you to have a fair chance of winning it. Communicating with you throughout the case, being transparent about timelines, and acting quickly are all important measures that your HOA lawyer should take. Whether your case is small or large, simple or complex, it deserves the care and attention that only a dedicated, caring, and experienced attorney can offer.

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