Litigation (simple and complex)

Community associations are legal entities that can frequently become involved in litigation. Our team of experienced attorneys represents community associations in a broad spectrum of situations, ranging from defending small claims court lawsuits, to initiating or defending community associations and their boards and managers through indemnification in complex litigation. We assist and advise boards with risk analysis, cost estimates and alternative dispute resolution options prior to and when litigation arises. The following is a sample of the litigation services we provide:

• Covenant Enforcement

• Contract Disputes

• Administrative Law Hearings

• Assessment collections

• Insurance Defense – We frequently represent associations and their boards and managers as indemnified parties as the attorneys appointed by the association’s insurer. In those instances where we are not appointed, the insurance companies frequently appoint attorneys who are not experienced representing community associations or are not familiar with the issues specific to the case. We can provide ongoing assistance and oversight of insurance-appointed defense attorneys, independent evaluations of the quality of your defense, and alternatives for the association.