Due to our law firm’s extensive litigation background and understanding of HOA law, we are routinely hired by insurance companies that work with various Arizona community associations to defend the associations when they are sued. Our AV-Rated® law firm is made up of a team of 13 dedicated attorneys led by experienced veteran lawyers, making us a trustworthy choice for insurers hiring us for insurance defense purposes. Our firm’s extensive experience in working with insurers is also seen as an important benefit.

What Insurance Defense Entails

If an insurer and its HOA client are sued for something related to an element of a client contract, an insurance defense lawyer can help the insurer and client in court. An attorney is particularly important if fighting accusations of liability is part of the defendant’s plan. With the help of a reliable lawyer, an insurer and its client are more likely to find favorable terms of the settlement and protect their finances to the greatest extent possible.

An insurer may also hire an insurance defense lawyer to protect against false allegations of wrongfully denied claims. An experienced attorney can review a claim and assess its legitimacy. Reviewing an insurer’s policies for statewide legality is another good reason to hire an insurance defense attorney.

It is important that you ensure that any attorney you work with is highly knowledgeable of state insurance laws as well as local HOA law. That way, he or she will be able to give you a fully formed and reliable opinion regarding your legal matters.

Why You Should Choose Us

Our team is tech-savvy, knowledgeable, and active in the legal community. Our firm has shaped the HOA law industry and has unique knowledge of Arizona HOA law that is difficult to find elsewhere. Our cloud-based case system utilizes the best industry software to keep you easily informed of your case’s progress at any point. We can assist you during every part of the legal process, from investigation to appeals, and will take on cases big and small. We also are happy to work with clients presenting unique or challenging cases that other law firms may turn down.

Legal Help From Maxwell & Morgan, P.C.

When you are ready to discuss your legal needs, get in touch with our insurance defense attorneys to request a proposal. We will make sure to keep you up-to-date on your case and give it dedicated focus as if it were our only case. We also have offices in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, as well as Salt Lake City, Utah, to serve you in a wide range of areas. Call (480) 833-1001 or visit our website to learn more. We look forward to working with you.