Contract Review & Negotiation

Contract Review Architecture

HOA boards strive to do the best work possible for their association, but there are times when matters arise that require more experienced legal assistance. At Maxwell & Morgan, P.C., it is common for HOAs to ask us to review and negotiate their various contracts. We strive to be thorough in all of our reviews and negotiations, making our firm one that HOAs and their stakeholders are proud to rely on. You can rest assured that you are putting your contract in good hands when you choose us for review and negotiations.

HOA Contract Review and Negotiation: Why It’s Needed

HOAs create contracts with a wide variety of vendors. These include management companies, painters, landscapers, architects, engineers, contractors, real estate stakeholders, and others who may need to make a contract with an HOA. If your HOA should make a mistake in choosing the wrong vendor or letting a disorganized board member take control of negotiations, you may run into some difficult contracts that you are not happy with, but could be legally bound to. Allowing a dedicated HOA contract negotiation attorney to review all contracts and help you work out ways to negotiate them will help your HOA avoid more complicated legal issues in the long run.

The Experience That Your HOA Needs

We have more than 35 years of experience in the Arizona HOA law realm and can help you review and negotiate HOA contracts. Our team of 17 knowledgeable attorneys includes veteran lawyers who are active in and have even contributed to the HOA field. We can review any of your HOA’s contracts and also help you find ways to negotiate any terms that you are less than comfortable with. We also utilize high-tech tools that allow you to stay connected to your legal case in real-time.