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Why Choose An AV Rated Law Firm?

The law firm of Maxwell & Morgan, P.C. is proud of its slogan “More Qualified, Less Expensive”. The slogan is based upon many factors, including billing rates of up to $115.00 per hour less than other similarly situated law firms limiting their practice to community association law, and the fact that Maxwell & Morgan is…
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What is an AV Rating?

The following is an excerpt from a letter to a client who asked us to explain the AV Rating. “Thank you for your inquiry regarding the AV Rating. All attorney’s who have practiced law for at least 10 years are rated. According to Martindale-Hubbell, ‘an AV certification mark is a significant rating accomplishment — a…
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Passing on Common Expenses to Benefiting Homeowners Per Arizona HOA Statutes

A common problem faced by many homeowner associations, especially associations in a condominium setting, pertains to the extent of an association’s obligation to maintain and repair units. If there is a maintenance or repair issue in a condominium, then many times the homeowner will place the first call to the association instead of a repairman.…
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